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CO33 OPUS Design Collection - concrete furniture in its most harmonious form

CO33 OPUS Design Collection - concrete furniture in its most harmonious form

Industrial charm combined with organic functionality - this is the OPUS concrete furniture series of the CO33 brand. The concrete furniture is characterized by its gentle curves and simple perfection. Ultra-thin, without fibers, nets or typical reinforcements, these design pieces are poured in loving and masterly handwork. 

The design of the OPUS concrete furniture collection focuses on versatility and individuality. 

So a concrete bench becomes a concrete table or a modern bed bench. With matching wooden or steel furniture inserts, you have a unique cabinet, TV stand, mini bar, shelf or bedside table with just one touch. Because no furniture insert is bolted to the body but instead slides securely in place. 
Freely moveable in the room and without disrupting the space, the concrete furniture of CO33 can stand alone as a solitary eye-catcher or modular as a stylish furniture group.
The unique look, feel and material combination of concrete, wood and steel allows infinite applications in the indoor or outdoor area.
Whether for semi-public spaces such as golf courses and hotels, your living area or the home garden - the CO33 OPUS concrete furniture collection is the perfect furniture series for anyone who is fascinated by the idea of ​​an exceptional and individual living concept. 

Concrete in a new look is presentable

Gregor Uhlmann, CO33 CEO & Designer: “The furniture design for this collection was designed by myself and even awarded the European Product Design Award, which of course I am very happy and proud of.
The idea of ​​producing concrete furniture came to me during my time as a cabinet maker. You could say: I love wood, its properties and the innumerable processing possibilities. After all, it also started my craft career. Wood gives shape to individual character, it is flexible, malleable, and radiates much heat. So, after taking over or succeeding OBB Beton- und Bau GmbH, I looked for a way to transfer these attributes to my entrepreneurial future, working with concrete. I wanted to give the material the feeling of lightness and give new impetus to the familiar rigid shapes ... and developed the concrete furniture brand CO33. Founding History
In my concrete plant in Rudolstadt, I produce high quality furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor use under this name.
My special recipe: A special ultra-high-strength concrete that allows soft curves, clean lines and individual grain, but does not lose its strength. The outstanding feature of the concrete used by CO33 in the OPUS collection is the long-term durability that is guaranteed after reaching final strength. It has enormous compressive strength, is extremely resistant to flexing, heat-resistant and non-flammable.”

The particularly even, smooth surface of the concrete has almost no pores and microcracks with optimal production and post-treatment and thus offers little attack surface for the development of weathering and frost damage, buildup or dirt.

The wood elements integrated into many objects are created using high-quality woods, handcrafted and manufactured with the highest precision and accuracy of fit.


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