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Gray Elegance - the perfect color for your furnishings

Gray elegance - the perfect home and décor color

No doubt - gray is the current trend color for apartments, restaurants, hotels and shops. There is hardly a furnishing feature that is not included in the topic.

The great thing about gray is the enormous variety of tones. Since "50 Shades of Gray" are still greatly understated and, as many paint and furniture manufacturers prove, gray as a color trend is by no means fading away.

The material concrete also has a wide range of gray color facets and furniture made of gray concrete not only has an ideal neutral color, but also has a fresh and modern look and harmonizes with all other colors perfectly. Concrete owes its gray color to the natural pigments contained in its raw materials. These natural pigments have more complex undertones and give a color more beautiful nuances. This makes it much more lively and interesting.

What is so special about gray and why do we love it?

Gray stands for elegance.

Gray is an excellent match for the modern purist or minimalist residential or industrial style and has now made the leap from designer apartments and magazine pages to the mainstream.

Gray is a very versatile color. It can be dark or theatrical, but also pale and Nordic cool. It can be masculine or feminine, strong or subtle.

Gray is a color that does not depend on the season and has been replacing the color black in the fashion business for some years now.

And finally, gray is the color of intelligence (gray cells); of age and compromise. Maybe these three things have a lot in common ... ;)

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