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The Fascination of Black Concrete

The days of patterned wallpaper, fancy furniture and abundant decoration are over. The new trend is called purism. It is characterized by classic forms and minimalistic design that exudes clarity and calm and its effect promises timelessness and understated elegance.

With entirely natural colors and materials, as well as clear forms, concrete furniture from the brand CO33 fits perfectly in this trend.
The design of the concrete furniture pieces is timeless, appears calm and promises to be a long companion.
At the same time, timelessness does not mean boredom, but places value on something (almost) immortal that accompanies you for years and radiates structure as well as deliberately chosen substance. And which material could do that better than concrete?

 schreibtisch-cosmos-schwarzer-betoneVC3UFsrbcK4x  sideboard-beton-detail Tisch-schwarzer-Beton

The material previously known as extremely massive now has many fascinating faces and exciting color nuances. But that’s no coincidence. The reason for this is the elaborate production of each piece of furniture handmade with care.

A particular highlight of concrete furniture construction is “black” concrete, which is actually rather anthracite and can have many facets. But how do these facets come about?

Everything starts with choosing the correct form surface. Once these have been found, the homogeneity of the concrete mass, the right mixing technique and the right time to add the components are decisive factors for the subsequent appearance of the concrete surface. Here it is decided how many pores or cavities the piece of furniture will have and how smooth the surface of the concrete will be.

Elaborate patterns are also possible in the concrete, which often look a little like marble. They arise, usually by chance, by the way in which the concrete mass is introduced into the mold and the subsequent compacting of the mass. The resulting effect, which arises in the upper layer of the concrete, is called “cloud formation” in professional circles. We lovingly call it “art in concrete”.

 Sideboard-beton-oberflaeche  Tisch-schwarzer-beton-mit-metallgestell  Tisch-schwarzer-Beton-gestell-Detail

Ultimately, you can complete the “work of art” with a concrete after-treatment in glossy finish. For this purpose, the concrete is provided with an impregnation and, if desired, with a seal to protect against stains, which is especially recommended for use as a tabletop. But there is also a matte variant. Here, the “artistic” layer is removed and gives the black concrete thereby a calm, matte and uniform appearance.

schreibtisch-cosmos-sitzplatz schreibtisch-cosmos-detail-beton-und-fussEWXzzTSmsrdqu tisch-und-fensterbank-schwarzer-beton

But whatever you decide on, one thing is certain: concrete is pure purism, a fascinating material and unique and individual in each case.

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