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What are the benefits of concrete furniture?


Concrete furniture not only has a very special elegant appearance, it is also:

- long-lasting, because it grows stronger every day
- retains its shape
- odorless
- stable
- always unique
- can be made into almost every imaginable shape and size
- environmentally friendly, as it can be produced without waste and recyclable after use
- suitable for allergy sufferers

Can all furniture be used outdoors?


Concrete furniture from CO33 is fundamentally versatile. The products that should only be used indoors are the furniture pieces with solid wood inserts. Wood or wood materials take on equilibrium moisture content in the surrounding atmosphere. Depending on the ambient humidity, e.g. in the outside area, wood absorbs or releases water vapor. This causes the wood to swell or shrink.

Which material is CO33 furniture made of?


Our concrete consists of an extremely dense cement stone structure in combination with selected minerals and is free of plastics, fibers and reinforcement. Because of this, the prominent feature of the concrete we use is the durability which is ensured in the long term after reaching its final strength. It has enormous compressive strength, is extremely resistant to bending, heat-resistant and non-flammable. In contrast to furniture made of fiber or textile concrete, our concrete has a high load bearing capacity.

Is concrete furniture fireproof?


According to DIN EN 13501 part 1, building materials are classified in fire behavior classes. Concrete, as a mineral building material, meets the requirements of fire protection class A 1 because it is effectively non-combustible. This means that it does not ignite under the temperatures that usually occur in the event of a fire.

The high performance of concrete in the event of a fire can be described as follows: At the temperatures of up to 1,000 ° C that occur in natural fire, concrete remains largely solid, does not contribute to the fire load, does not pass the fire on, does not produce smoke and does not cause smoke toxic gases free.

The concrete used for our furniture (without organic components such as mineral fibers and glass wool) thus effectively meets all the requirements for the fire protection you need. Compliance with the requirements for the concrete we use in the area of fire protection results from our certification documents (certificate according to DIN EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2).

Since commercially available paints may not be used in fire protection, the steel we use for our table frames (fire protection class A) can be provided with a powder coating specially approved for fire protection to protect against rust.

Is concrete furniture heavy?


Concrete furniture from CO33 is produced without additives such as fibers or reinforcement.
During the manufacturing of our indoor furniture, we ensure that the furniture can be transported and set up using man power. In order to make the transport easier, we supply a small dolly with the higher weight concrete furniture.

For outdoor furniture, we recommend that you work with a garden and landscape builder with planning of the outdoor grounds and the appropriate equipment can be used to set the furniture at the destination.
On special request (for a surcharge) we offer you an installation service (within Germany) for indoor and outdoor areas.

Is concrete seating furniture too cold?


Concrete in its normal form is a block storage medium for heat and cold and adapts itself according to its ambient temperature. Due to their shape, our benches have a reduced degree of these properties. The thickness of the material plays an important role. Thus, the seating furniture in the interior has a comfortable temperature; however at a high heat outdoors, it is pleasantly tempered and also gives off some residual heat in cool evening hours.

Is concrete dirty or rough?


The surface of our concrete is extremely smooth and soft. It is provided with a sealant which protects it against contamination. In this way, you get a highly demanding design object in a refined quality and the highest standards of material, optics and look and feel.

Where can I buy concrete furniture from CO33?


You can purchase concrete furniture from CO33 here in our online shop, at selected online retailers and in our concrete furniture store in Weimar, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 4. We cordially invite you to visit our store in Weimar. You can view our concrete furniture collection on site, feel the soft surfaces and choose your own concrete furniture. We are happy to answer all your questions about concrete and concrete furniture. We also respond to special requests and plan your individual project with you.

We look forward to your visit to the Bauhaus city of Weimar. There you can not only visit our store, but also the nearby Bauhaus Museum and walk in Goethe's and Schiller's footsteps in Weimar and Großkochberg. We are happy to help you organize and book accommodation.

How does the delivery work?


Our products are packed very carefully and delivered to you in sturdy boxes or wooden crates. On the wooden boxes you will find a small Allen wrench, with which you can easily loosen the screws on the box.

After removing the wooden crate, you can easily carry your concrete furniture to the designated location. Please remove the transport box in the outdoor area in front of your house or apartment if you cannot ensure that you can transport the box with your concrete furniture in a horizontal position to the place of installation.

For the slightly heavier indoor products that cannot be carried by one person, we will provide you with a small trolley that will allow you to move your furniture comfortably.

Outdoor concrete furniture pieces such as benches or tables are delivered on a pallet. For setting the benches and tables in the outdoor area, we recommend the assistance of a landscape or garden professional. On request, we can supply you with a set of belts to use with a forklift or loading crane to transport the furniture from the sidewalk to your place of installation.

If you cannot find a suitable partner for setting up your concrete furniture in your environment, we can arrange a regional partner after an examination in each case. Please feel free to ask us.

The delivery takes place - assuming a public access - basically "to the sidewalk edge" of the delivery address specified by you. For insurance reasons, the goods are neither further transported nor unpacked, assembled or set up in the house or garden by the delivering freight forwarder.

Please always sign the delivery with the shipping company "with reservation", because the furniture in the box can only be seen after it has been opened.

For freight and packaging reasons, we can only deliver in disassembled condition for certain products. In this case, we pay attention to a simple assembly capability.

In which countries can the furniture be delivered?


When possible, we deliver to all parts of the world (excluding war zones).

How do I set up the furniture?


Transport your CO33 product to the final destination in the original packaging.
If possible, open the packaging only at the installation site. Exceptions are narrow stairwells and narrow spaces in which the transport boxes would have to be tipped. Here it is recommended to unpack the furniture before entering the passages.
Carry your CO33 concrete furniture product with at least two people. For some of our products, you will receive a small dolly which allows you to move your furniture comfortably. Please pay particular attention when looking for a level surface. Sudden impacts from the exterior could damage your concrete furniture.
Before placing your concrete furniture, please check the load bearing capacity of the floors.
Do not push or force your CO33 concrete furniture but carefully lift it on both sides at the same time.
Do not tilt your concrete furniture over its edges!
Depending on the floor structure, apply felt pads to the product in order to avoid damage to the floor covering.
Make sure you have a level surface.


Can I create my own concrete furniture with my own dimensions?


We will be pleased to make your personal and individual desired product if it is possible to produce.

Which concrete colors are available?


Concrete furniture from CO33 is available in natural concrete grey, dark grey, black or beige (if feasible).
For some concrete furniture (especially for use in public areas), it is important to choose a varnished or painted surface for better maintenance. We can also do this for you.

Can I get concrete furniture from CO33 in other dimensions?


In our Online Shop, we offer some products in other dimensions. For these you can request different dimensions.

Which wood types are available for the furniture inserts?


We offer various types of wood. Simply share your wishes with us.

How do I clean concrete?


Like all objects with daily use, concrete surfaces require regular care. As with any material, the right treatment is also important for the very sturdy concrete stone – from the beginning. This helps avoid soiling and stains and assures that you can enjoy your concrete product for many years.
We pre-treat all products with “Lithofin Stainstop” prior to delivery and initial use. 

On request and after consultation with you, we can also provide the product with a sealant that is particularly suitable for worktops or heavily used surfaces and where stains are no longer an issue. However, this does not provide further care of your concrete furniture!

For the maintenance of the surfaces, please observe the following recommendations:
Acidic substances (such as vinegar, lemon juice, ketchup, wine, champagne, acidic cleaners, etc.) will attack concrete furniture. Keep these substances away from your furniture!
Never use acidic cleaners to clean your concrete products!
Do not place hot objects (pots or pans) on the concrete surfaces.
Remove any soiling from your products as soon as possible.
Daily care and maintenance for the indoor area: For the cleaning of your concrete surfaces, we recommend using clear lukewarm water, possibly combined with curd or stone soap. Then wipe with a dry cloth. If there are light stains, you can "soak" the soiling with plenty of water for several hours and then pat dry. The stain is pulled out of the concrete. “Lithofin MN Easy Clean” can also be used.

Basic cleaning for indoors and outdoors: From time to time, you can remove stronger impurities with “Lithofin MN Power-Clean”. A refreshing of the impregnation with “Lithofin Stainstop” is then necessary.
Daily care and maintenance for the outdoor area: For the care and preventive stain protection of all outdoor furniture, we recommend a treatment with “Lithofin ALGEX” 1–2 times a year.
Refreshing the sealant: In order to ensure optimum protection, the impregnation applied at the manufacturing site should be refreshed 1–2 times a year. Before re-impregnation, it is necessary to carry out a basic cleaning in order to remove all soiling. The fully dried surface can then be impregnated with “Lithofin Stainstop”.
All Lithofin products are available in our online shop. Of course, you can also contact us for advice. We will be happy to help you.

Is concrete furniture sensitive to stains?


Like all natural materials, concrete is also a receptive material and is susceptible to all kinds of contamination. If you follow our instructions under the previous section "How do I clean concrete", you will have a long time of untroubled pleasure with your concrete furniture and enjoy the lovely patina that will make your concrete furniture even more beautiful over the years.

For those who want a constantly stain-resistant concrete surface, we offer a special sealing for an extra charge that safely protects your concrete furniture from any stains.

What can the concrete surface look like?


Our products are made of natural materials and are made by hand. The natural composition is always "individual pieces". In this type of production, color differences and small pore openings - also in comparison to the illustrations in the shop or catalog - are part of the usual nature of the material. In the case of concrete products, shading can also occur. These may include, among others, by influences such as temperature differences, humidity and concrete post-treatments or by impregnation. Such material properties belong to the typical or agreed upon nature of the products and do not constitute defects.

Do I have a warranty on the furniture?


Certain legal conditions apply. Please read our terms and conditions.

Is concrete furniture suitable for allergy sufferers?


Concrete furniture is easy to clean. No dust adheres to its smooth surface and the concrete does not release gases, toxic or volatile organic compounds in everyday use. Thus, concrete furniture creates a healthy interior climate and is also suitable for allergies or asthma.

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