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Handmade in Germany

The manufacture of our special concrete mix takes place and the task of aggregation is done by hand. For this, we weigh the individual components exactly and then dispense the water by feeling.

The very homogeneous, but difficult to handle concrete mass must be filled into the form in a very short time with the necessary concentration. This includes, in addition to a high degree of skill, particularly the clean use of work equipment.

For our wood inserts we prefer to use native oak, because this, like concrete, is known for durability and longevity. We also consider the needs of our customers and use different types of wood.

We make all wood fixtures individually and in traditional craftsmanship.

During the processing of stainless steel, both for our plaques, as well as our accessories, fine-tuning is also done by hand thus contributing to the individual touch of our products.

In the preparation of personal dedication we also strive for perfection and make flexibility and customer requirements a priority.

As a final step I give my seal of approval on all products with the application of the label. Only perfectly finished pieces obtain the CO33 trademark. Everything that leaves our house is released by me and therefore may carry its own individual CO33 charm out into the world.

I'm here for you!

Jessica Einenkel
International Sales & Marketing Assistant

Mail: shop@co33.de