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Toilet Brush Holder Set, Hand Towel Holder and Bath Accessories for wall mounting

High quality modern concrete accessories for the upscale bathroom. Designer toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder, towel holder and storage box made of concrete - handmade in Germany.

High quality modern concrete accessories for the upscale bathroom . Designer toilet brush holder , toilet roll holder , towel holder and storage box made of concrete - handmade in... read more »
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Toilet Brush Holder Set, Hand Towel Holder and Bath Accessories for wall mounting

High quality modern concrete accessories for the upscale bathroom. Designer toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder, towel holder and storage box made of concrete - handmade in Germany.

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Elegance meets functionality - bathroom accessories made of concrete

Today, individually designed bathrooms, where people like to stay and which reflect their lifestyle and tastes no less than the classic living area, are a natural part of a modern concept for the bathroom. Ideally, everything in the bathroom, from the wall tiles and the fittings to the toilet roll holder are chosen to match each other. Wellness and natural materials are trendy. Concrete as an organic material, as we use it in CO33, with its characteristic surface structure and the many different shades of gray, fits perfectly into the picture: no two pieces of concrete look exactly the same in our handcrafted products. There are always small, individual differences in the color and structure of the concrete that do not attract attention at first glance, but make up the special appeal of the material. Concrete elements in the room design can even turn "mundane" everyday objects, such as a toilet brush holder, toilet paper holder or a towel rail, into a design object.

Design Bad-Accessoires aus Beton: WC-Rollenhalter, Toilettenbürstenhalter und Aufbewahrung

Form follows function - The bathroom series Balneos

BALNEOS - from Latin "Balneo" = bathing - is the name of our new series of high quality bathroom accessories in a contemporary mix of stainless steel and concrete. Available so far are a toilet roll holder, a holder for toilet brushes in two different versions, a towel bar and a storage box, specially adapted to the requirements in the bathroom area, e.g. for hygiene utensils or guest towels. All parts of the BALNEOS series are kept in the same, minimalist design: a concrete body in classic natural gray forms the optical centerpiece and can also be used as a practical shelf, for example for the mobile phone. Built-in parts are included in or on the item, such as the toilet brush insert or the roll hanger for the toilet roll holder, are made of 100% stainless steel. All BALNEOS accessories, including the storage box, are suitable for wall mounting or are even expressly intended for this purpose. Appropriate mounting material including a wrench, is included with each delivery. See also our info videos with short instructions.

Bauhaus design in the bathroom

Clear design language, without unnecessary embellishment. Timeless, simple and thus combining perfectly with other materials in the room, such as wood or glass. A contemporary interpretation of the Bauhaus idea in the bathroom, so to speak - that is the philosophy behind our BALNEOS product line.

Toilettenpapierhalter aus Beton und WC-Bürstenhalter mit Edelstahl-Einsatz - moderne Design-Accessoires im Badezimmer

We make concrete float!

Once attached to the desired location on the wall, your new toilet accessories made of concrete seem to float in space - without losing their solid character. A small trick in the design allows the almost invisible attachment of the BALNEOS objects to the wall: Through a recess on the bottom, the concrete body can be easily screwed into the wall. Convince yourself - concrete can be a surprisingly airy, lightweight material.

Subtle in design, big in effect - BALNEOS and other products for the bathroom

While our BALNEOS bathroom sets cover the "main" parts of a classic bathroom or toilet, which - in addition to the bath, shower, toilet and associated fittings - are essential for every bathroom; our Danish colleagues "LIKEconcrete", are focused on the small things with the delightful series "KARIN" in organic design: Different bowls and storage boxes made of silky-soft, light gray concrete flatter your hand and eye and provide space for all the little things - from soap to cotton pads - the otherwise needed items in the bathroom.

Concrete in the bathroom - is it durable?

The concrete for our bath sets is provided with an impregnation at the end of the manufacturing process, which makes it resistant to moisture and initial contamination. Our products are carefully crafted over many hours of workmanship and will provide you with proper care for many years or even decades of joy.

WC-Rollenhalter und Toilettenbürstenhalter aus schwarzem Beton

Tone-in-tone for your wellness - concrete accessories in the bathroom

The times of the uncomfortable wet cell are finally over. The bathroom has long become a full-fledged living space, whose equipment is similarly carefully planned and coordinated with each other, such as when setting up a new kitchen. And it does not take more than 20 square meters for a private wellness oasis or a chic home spa: Often, a few accessories are enough to set stylish accents and to design the cozy character of the bathroom and toilet according to your own wishes. With our designer toilet sets made of concrete and stainless steel, we want to help you feel at home in your bathroom every day.

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