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QSet concrete
Glass fire bowl with concrete base

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  • QSB
  • L: 500 mm W: 500 mm H: 370 mm
  • 36 kg
  • 37 kg
Unique fire bowl made of glass with a noble concrete base. QFlame lets fire shine in new... more
Product information "QSet concrete | Glass fire bowl with concrete base"

Unique fire bowl made of glass with a noble concrete base.

QFlame lets fire shine in new splendour. The high-quality glass fire bowl lets you not only feel the cosy warmth of the fire, but also see it. The pure and fireproof quartz glass of the fire bowl not only warms the whole environment evenly, it also shines in a beautiful warm light.

What makes QFlame so special?

  • material quartz glass
  • puristic design
  • glow of the fire
  • even warmth
  • exclusivity

The QFlame glass fire bowl made of 100 % high-purity and fire-resistant quartz glass is heat-resistant up to 1300 °C and is available in the sizes Ø 50cm, 56cm, 64cm and 71cm.

QBase base made of refractory concrete by CO33

QBase concrete - impresses with its unique design and the extraordinary properties of the refractory material concrete. Due to the well thought-out shape and three-point support, the heat can escape very well.

QProtection weather protection and QLid

Reliable and water-resistant weather protection for your QFlame glass fire bowls against rough weather conditions, dirt and dust. The diameter is matched to the fire bowls and is included with every consignment. Elastic hem cords can be easily moved and adjusted to the shape.

The QLid lid with knob ís made of stainless steel (satin polished). The lid has a thickness of 1.5 mm and a diameter of 56 - 74 cm with a weight of approx. 2 KG.

Scope of delivery

  • QFlame glass fire bowl
  • QBase base concrete
  • QLid lid made of stainless steel
  • QProtection weather protection
Important instructions As a rule, fire bowls should only be set up outdoors and remove... more

Important instructions

As a rule, fire bowls should only be set up outdoors and remove surrounding objects that are easily flammable.
Only place the fire bowl on a fireproof surface (stone, sand, gravel). To ensure a safe stand and sufficient distance to the ground, the QF the QFlame fire bowl should be placed on a base that is heat-resistant and fireproof. Make sure that it has a wobble-free and stable stand. Furthermore, it is important to note that the ground around the fire bowl becomes very hot.
Only use lighting aids such as charcoal, barbecue lighter or wood shavings for lighting.

Do not use spirit, petrol or other liquids. To start the fire, it is best to use small, untreated and dry pieces of wood first. Add larger pieces later. Please do not throw pieces of wood or other objects into the bowl. Make sure that the burning material is handled and the burning material carefully. Always wear fireproof gloves and do not overload the glass fire bowl with firewood.
Do not leave the fire bowl unattended and do not move it while the fire is blazing.
We accept no liability for improper use or damage caused by firing.


You can dispose of the cooled ash with an ash shovel. Afterwards, the fire bowl can be easily cleaned of soot and dirt with water due to its smooth inner surface. Please do not clean the quartz glass bowl with damp ash, as this can scratch the material. Fireplace cleaner can be used as an aid. If resinous firewood is used, cleaning will be more difficult.

Cleaning, warning and safety instructions for the QFlame glass fire bowl

QFlame glass fire bowl is heat-resistant up to 1,300°C and can be operated with various fuel materials (see also FAQ on the website).
In case of improper use or exceeding the specified maximum temperature, no warranty claims are guaranteed.


  1. Fire bowls may only be used outdoors. Do not light a fire in strong winds.
  2. Pay attention to the surroundings and never leave the bowl unattended, especially with children and pets.
  3. Use only specified lighting aids (no petrol, spirit, etc.) and wear fireproof gloves.
  4. Do not move, wobble or touch the burning fire bowl.
  5. Make sure that a suitable extinguishing agent (water, fire blanket, fire extinguisher) is available in the immediate vicinity.
  6. Make sure that the fire bowl has cooled down completely before you start cleaning it.
Here you can find frequently asked questions: https://www.co33.de/faq
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